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  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedOur website is slow to load.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedIt doesnt look good on mobiles.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedI'm not getting enough visitors.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedVisitors are not buying/signing up.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedWe're not found on Google searches.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedWe're getting no social engagement.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedThe competition is doing so much better than us.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedWe're not getting Adwords results.
  • sentiment_very_dissatisfiedUpdating the website is laborious and a waste of your time.

Over time we've established strategies to improve your website conversions, getting you found, by visitors who want to engage with you.

If we can solve your issue during a brief call or by return email, then we're happy to do so free of charge!sentiment_very_satisfied


Support for any CMS, including Wordpress

Regular updates are essential to a successful website but can be difficult and time consuming.

EC1Solutions have been well respected in the web development industry for more than 12 years.

Our services are relied on by businesses, charities, local government and web agencies. Providing quick fixes to ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support - even those websites written by other web designers.

Our focus is fast response and terrific client service.

We excel in ongoing support and website maintenance for many platforms, including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Couch, Perch, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and many others.

Our high standards are maintained because of an in-house team, who design and develop bespoke HTML or PHP sites with custom web apps and CMS.

We are knowledgeable experts at third party integrations with common applications such as Salesforce, Zapier, WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, Hubspot and many other live chat, online banking, and heatmap technologies... (find list).

Finally we're Premier Partners for Adobe Business Catalyst.

Do you have a complicated 3rd party integration with your website that we can help you with?

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Emergency Web Support

One of our clients said to us that the reason they used us for an impressive nine projects was because of our positive, solution-making attitude.

This particularly comes to bear when there is a crisis.

Our knowledge and experience gives us the edge when dealing with hacked web sites, or web projects that have gone over budget or timescale, and when communication has just broken down between developers.

We have even worked through the night on occassions to provide an awesome site for a product launch the following morning.

When you need it most - we guarantee to get you out of a fix - fast!

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It goes without saying our expertise includes graphic design and web design.

Everything we develop is done in-house to the highest latest standard.

Our policy is to keep all creative costs to a minimum, as we understand your resouces are better spent on ongoing marketing.

But as qualified experts in Online Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing for both B2B and B2C strategies we will optimise your site for visitor conversion.

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How we work

Everything we do has a no-questions 30 day money back guarantee.

Our approach is very much WYSIWYG. Always a prompt response, an honest understandable answer, with a clear indication of costs and guaranteed timescale.

We provide affordable web support throughout the UK, mostly utilising modern remote technologies such as screen sharing, video conferencing and skype.

For complex projects that benefit from a face-to-face meeting, we use serviced business offices in all major cities and large towns. Alternatively we can arrange an on-site client visit.

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Support from £20

30 days support contract from £45pcm

Website design from £99

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Special Offer

We build 5 page websites for as little as £99 (content provided). Ideal for product response testing, UK startups, charities, and events. Order one today!

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Our Latest Site

We produced this site in three days, content was emailed to us on Monday and the site went live on the Wednesday. The cost? £124.

Speed Matters

It can not be overstated how important it is that a site loads quickly. Below is a screenshot of this sites performance on Give your site the once over here.

If you want this type of site performance...

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